Areas of Expertise


busrefsubMany books have been written about business, and there are so many ways to get the information that we look for. Our efforts may be distracted from the right searching path due to the significant amount of information available. Due to this multitude of references, getting the right information at the right time to support the right decision becomes a difficult process. The need for a simple, structured approach when searching for a helpful business answer is evident.


Whenever looking for references it is good to start from simple to complex. Indeed, any big project starts always with an idea that most of the time can be reduced to a sentence or even a word. As an example when looking for marketing references about what kind of products customers buy, there are multiple search options that can take us into market definition, segmentation, distribution, pricing and offers, and many more. In reality what customers are buying is the experience that they are going to have by getting our product or service, and that is the area that we should focus on.


Business Knowledge Inc. provides the start point for appropriate business references in the fundamental business areas of Strategy, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Operations, Leadership, Communications and Negotiations. We deliver concise answers on specific business topics customized to our customers needs. Further details and specific references are available in theĀ Resources/Articles section.