startupssubWhenever someone thinks about starting a business it is most likely because they are working for someone else. This context presents itself with the advantage of a regular paycheck that arrives every two weeks. The disadvantage is that the employee is working within the boundaries of the workplace environment limiting his/her freedom of decisive initiative and action, key characteristics for any entrepreneur.


The individual desire for self-determination associated with an entrepreneurial spirit and a worthy idea are the elements that will make individuals considering starting a business. These basic elements are the minimum required for starting a business, and a broader analysis of the contemplated business has to be put in place before venturing into the business world. Dreams, business ideas, capabilities, needs, restrictions and preferences should be thoroughly assessed to determine the viability of the business and its capability of returning both the financial and the personal rewards that the individual is envisioning.


The odds for success are much improved if the start-up business will have a business plan, such that the guidelines are set, goals, objectives, targeted market, value proposition and core competencies are identified and put on paper. At busy times, when action is required and there is little time for extended analysis, this framework providing direction, coordination and control will be in place for executing the established strategy.



Everyone has their own goal in life and dreams for the better are common.

Business people are aim to fulfill their dreams through reaching their business goals; the future business owner wants independence, decision power, autonomy and the freedom to exercise his or her will.


Business Ideas

A business idea should be presenting itself with obvious advantages to prospective buyers interested in the product or service generated by that idea. The quantified advantages coming from that idea  should be better that the competition, such that the customer gets the financial benefits and the business owner reaps a profit from the sale of the product or service that the idea generates.



Capabilities awareness is a noted attribute of successful business owners. Proper assessment of the business financial power, promotion and advertisment, resources availability and operations capacities to serve the targeted market, is crucial to business success. Capabilities availability or lack off should be driving the business owner to take appropriate actions before venturing to start the business.



Capabilities assessment may reveal gaps that need to be filled. Cash inflow for sustained or expanded operations may be required. The business may need people with specific skills for creating either the product or the service that the market wants. Investment in operations infrastructure including property, plant or equipment to efficiently generate product or service, promotion and market expansion to secure further growth are a few of the important needs that a business may have. The future business owner will have to understand where the gaps are and how to fill them.



Usually restrictions are about government regulations or specific regulatory agencies rules applicable to the product or service that the business plans to sell. The careful evaluation of these restrictions allows for clear understanding of business areas of activity and eventual boundaries that will have to be considered. Other restrictions that may be applicable to the business are to be identified through correct understanding of who are the stakeholders in the business, and what their interests are.



Business owner preferences are closely connected with resources, organizational capabilities and the environment for successful daily operations. The adopted business strategy, in the majority of the cases, emerges from business owners preferences in pursuing specific opportunities.



Anyone who plans for opening a business should seek proper advice, and look for references whenever in doubt, to avoid failing  even before starting.


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