Established Professionals


As established professionals, we are part of the business community in roles that cover a broad range of industries, competencies and specific areas of knowledge. We contribute to the business growth and we want to be engaged, empowered and have the feeling of being valued. One question that we all ask is:



This question and the need for a positive answer resonates with everyone, no matter age or rank in the organization. The way we envision the answer is influenced by our formative years, complementarities or gaps in our areas of knowledge, and perception of available opportunities for further learning and growth.


Many of us could be very good in a specific domain, or more, such as a marketing professional who excels in the areas of Strategy, Finance and Accounting, and will need development in Operations and Project Management knowledge domains.


Our background, formal education, skills and experience accumulated over our business tenures are all valuable towards next opportunity. Today fast changing business environment requires that established professionals depart the old way of business thinking about predictable and foreseeable outcomes over a reasonable period of time. Understanding and managing our paths towards success requires a new set of skills centered on innovation, collaboration, solid personal networks development and strong personal values transferable to the business environment.


Business Knowledge Inc. provides personalized assistance programs for continuous learning as a path towards growth and personal success for established professionals.