Personal Strategic Plan



The Personal Strategic Plan is a framework analogous to the Business Strategic Plan that is discussed in the Businesses section. Indeed, if the individual perceives himself or herself as a business that involves strategic planning and tactical execution for success, then the need for such framework is evident.


Personal Strategic Plan


To arrive to craft a Personal Strategic Plan, preliminary steps should be in place:


Learn About Yourself


Learn About Interactions


Check Business References


Seek Business Guidance


This learning process is by definition very personal and focused on your specific characteristics including personality, reactions to environment, stress tolerance, values and beliefs, personal and financial objectives.


Our personalities are assessed through the use of many tools, although none tell us how are we going to perform, how efficient or how successful are we going to be.


Through interactions with others we do shape our future as well, by getting to learn how we perceive others and how others perceive us. We should identify our strengths and capabilities and as well our areas that require improvement and act in an organized way to better ourselves.


The development of self awareness capability is further supported by referencing to specific books, articles, and internet sites that are representative in providing specialized information in the areas of interest for each of us.


Once equipped with all the information about you, interactions with others and by now having a wealth of references, you can proceed in thinking about the Personal Strategic Plan. Depending on your level of comfort and availability of time to work on such framework, the plan can be crafted on your own or by seeking business guidance.


Business Knowledge Inc. has the proven capability to help you through all the phases of developing and also executing on a Personal Strategic Plan.