operationssubOperations are part of any business as they generate the actual revenue through the build of a product or the delivery of a service, and they are made of processes and sub-processes that are contributing to creating customer value.



Business Knowledge Inc. has a wealth of expertise in Operations Management and our professionals are dedicated to ensure that our customers arrive to efficient and  productive  processes. Integration of Logistics, Purchasing , Manufacturing or Service Delivery   are areas of high expertise where we can deliver outstanding levels of service.

As any other business domain, Operations require  that managers understand how to execute on business strategy. Managers need to have the appropriate level of knowledge when making tactical decisions in this domain. These decisions are related to tactical execution, capacity, quality, inventory, and location. Operations management is of an integrated nature, and it requires dynamic adjustment of supply to maximize productivity through faster processes and reduced execution times. The major objective of Operations is to make the time from product development to product being sold to the customer as short as possible.


Main areas of Operations are:


  1. 1. Process Management

  2. 2. Project Management

  3. 3. Capacity

  4. 4. Quality

  5. 5. Inventory Management

  6. 6. Supply Chain Management

  7. 7. Planning and Scheduling

  8. 8. Resource Planning