Established Businesses



Established businesses are mature ones, and have demonstrated continuity for a period of time, measured in years, on a given market. As the time goes by, the environment evolves. The market is changing; competition gets more intense, new entrants are fighting for market share, suppliers may gain power in their relationship with the business, depending on the product or service needs. Customers may re-consider their buying behaviors, moving their attention either towards products that may be more cost effective or towards more expensive ones, as driven by their perception of value provided for their money.

Established businesses are to be sustainable and to further grow, when they have a Business Strategic Plan in place, or ought to create one.


Strategic direction is emerging from strategic planning, and this is a  reality confirmed over time by the human kind history. No emperor has conquered the world just by jumping in the battle. Furthermore no emperor managed to make their empires last solely in the virtue of their winning battles. The Romans established their empire through ingenious strategic conquests, tactical execution of their battles, weapons creation and proper warriors motivation. They consolidated the new order using brick and mortar to build long lasting fortresses and cities.


Strategic planning is meant to provide a framework supporting a quality decision making process, and a mechanism to coordinate and control the entire enterprise.


This is achieved through means that set the direction (decision), guideline the effort of the defined organization and ensure that consistency in pursuing established goals is in place (coordination). Performance is monitored using agreed upon indicators, correlating the organization with financial means (control).


Business Knowledge Inc. has the competencies to support your strategic planning needs. We can help creating and executing your Strategic Business Plan to capture revenue streams by generating value for you and your customers.