Just Starting



When just starting our productive lives, we may or may not have already in mind a path that we would like to follow. Many of us think clearly about our vision, our objectives, values and targeted market. Some of us may act on these concepts implicitly, and our actions will represent our direction. We are moving forward with more self-knowledge. During our journey, we will ask ourselves several times a question that will require in depth reflection:



The answer is in our reach, and could be found in several ways. We may know or have heard about psychological profiles, types of personalities, way of interacting with others, better situation control and relationship management for getting our goals achieved.

We can also learn about ourselves through self retrospection or through relating to others, and even better through both.


When attempting to understand ourselves through others, we are benchmarking our colleagues, friends, and co-workers against our own references, through personal and business interactions.


Let assume for a moment that we would ask our friends, acquaintances, or colleagues, if they know themselves, such that by mirroring their answers we can learn about ourselves.

We will get answers going from short ones: “Of course I know myself”, and for these ones, if interested in further pursuing the answer, we can ask, “Then describe yourself in three brief sentences”; the answers, if provided, will always amaze us and for sure it will be something to learn about.


As well, some of our questioned subjects may answer in a detailed manner: “I am doing this and that…, for such and such company… between such and such period.” That is all good as it provides relevant input on what, when and who does something, however it does not answer the real question that is:


Who are you?”


Business Knowledge Inc. role is to provide a framework for learning about yourself, learning about the way you interact with others, understand what motivates you and finally how to apply acquired knowledge towards creating and delivering value.


We provide specific references about personal awareness strategies, and their application in business knowledge areas, for strategic business management and tactical execution.


We also discuss various degrees and professional designations, as formal recognition of various levels of professional expertise.