marketingsubThis is a business domain that focuses on identifying and satisfying people needs. The needs could be either individual or business ones, and Marketing differentiates between them  through dedicated concepts.



Business Knowledge Inc. mandate is to help either individuals or businesses with their Marketing Plan development and implementation  as the main tool for promoting, placing and pricing a product or service.

Our team of professionals are to listen to the voice of the customer, understand their needs, and quantify them in requirements. These are to be converted into product or service through product development, then promote the product through advertising and communication strategies. The product or service should be placed through convenient distribution channels and sold to customers, at a determined price, reflecting the appropriate perceived value that should be higher than the next best available offer to the customer.


Marketing has multiple domains and its core framework is presented below:


  1. 1. Market definition

  2. 2. Strategic Marketing

  3. 3. Product

  4. 4. Price

  5. 5. Promotion

  6. 6. Place


The marketing process is meant to use the framework main domains to create value for customers and build very strong customer relationships such that in turn value is captured from the customers.


Business success is a reality when marketing process is used. This does not exclude, and by the opposite it integrates marketing with strategy, accounting, finance, operations and general management principles.


Marketing process steps are:


  1. Understand the marketplace, and the customer needs and wants.

  2. Design a customer driven marketing strategy with the goal of getting, keeping and growing target customers.

  3. Construct a marketing plan that will deliver superior value.

  4. Build profitable customer relationships and create customer delight; (all three above steps are pre-requisites);

  5. Reap the rewards of strong customer relationships by capturing value.


Business Knowledge Inc. vision is that Marketing is about building, nurturing and further expanding relationships in the business environment with the scope of fulfilling people’s needs.