27 September 2021
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Cloud Practioner Certification Checklist

Their role entails being involved in cloud migration initiatives, reviewing workload architectures, and guiding their company teams to address high-risk issues. You’ll require a wide range of technical and workplace skills to be successful as an AWS cloud practitioner. Explore the profession, how to enter the field, and how earning AWS certifications may help you stand out as a job applicant. As the demand for AWS Cloud Practitioners grows, salaries are expected to increase, which makes it an excellent opportunity for IT professionals looking to advance their careers in cloud computing. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and this guide describes how to make that first step in your AWS certification journey, starting with the foundational Cloud Practitioner examination.

So you just have to focus on studying and preparing for the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam instead of looking for the right learning resources. In this webinar learn how to prepare for the exam by exploring the exam’s topic areas and how they map to architecting on AWS and to specific areas to study. Becoming an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner comes with some hefty rewards in terms of salary and perks.

Management and Developer Tools

Highly Recommended for Beginners in Cloud, even someone already with 6 months of experience can go through this course to brush up concepts, easy to understand language and logics used by Instructors. SDKs also contain valuable resources, including documentation, tutorials, APIs, and frameworks to help speed up development time. AWS CLI gives you access to all of the AWS public application programming interfaces (APIs).AWS capabilities are also available, and you’re https://remotemode.net/ able to develop shell scripts that can manage AWS resources. This open-source tool allows you to use commands within your command-line shell to interact with AWS services. It requires very little configuration and allows you to run commands to implement functionality equal to ones found in the AWS Management Console via Linux shells, Windows command line, or remotely. Stay ahead of your competitors in the industry by working on the best big data projects.

how to become aws certified cloud practitioner

The AWS Cloud Practitioner certificate is for professionals who want to have an overall understanding of AWS cloud services and cloud computing. This certificate is for technical, managerial, sales, purchasing, or financial roles who work with AWS Cloud. This course is designed specifically for students looking to gain an understanding of the concepts of cloud computing without technical detail. This training is intended for individuals who are looking to build and validate an overall understanding of the AWS Cloud. Becoming an AWS cloud practitioner can be an exciting and rewarding career. If you’re analytical and enjoy cutting-edge technology, you may be a perfect candidate for this ever-changing field.

Skills you’ll gain

If you have limited study time and are looking for an efficient study plan, this article is for you. I took the exam online through the Pearson Vue proctoring software which was a pretty good experience — I had no complications. Although the exam was 90 minutes long, Pearson Vue required me to check-in 30 minutes early, so you can expect the whole exam process aws certified cloud practitioner to take around 2 hours. Free AWS Digital Training You can now find over 100 new digital training classes at aws.training, all with unlimited access at no charge. The time required is based strictly on your level of commitment and existing experience. Once you have completed this course, ensure you set aside time to research any areas you feel the weakest in.

If you want to become a certified AWS cloud practitioner, consider taking AWS’ Cloud Practitioner Essentials on Coursera to familiarize yourself with AWS and begin preparing for certification. This program covers topics like global infrastructure, cloud computing, and more. Below are the topics that mainly showed up on my official AWS cloud practitioner exam and what make up a majority of the questions from the Exam Topics exam bank. All of this is covered in the official AWS exam guide along with subtopics to review for each major concept.

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