5 October 2022
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Inside the Ur III months, the state are area of the collector

>”ugu” — debits section of a merchant account tablet > >I’m assuming that merely a creditor is wanting staying >a capsule for the nature and therefore “ugu” relates to costs for the membership >throughout the borrower?

The state provided a whole lot home roughly of a lot dogs in order to anyone, whom up coming must afford the state straight back.

My personal teacher within UCLA, Robert Englund, enjoys dedicated to Ur III accounting terms and conditions. There is not much in publications, but i performed utilize the after the guide during the group:

Audio system of Sumerian words coexisted getting a thousand ages that have speakers off third millenium Akkadian dialects, therefore the languages got particular influence on both, nevertheless they work mejores sitios de citas cristianas negros totally in another way. Which have Sumerian, you have got an enthusiastic unchanging verbal supply to which you place everywhere from just one to 8 prefixes, infixes, and you will suffixes making a spoken strings. Akkadian feels like other Semitic dialects during the that have a root from around three consonants then inflecting or conjugating one to sources with assorted vowels or prefixes.

I want to understand how >so you’re able to transliterate they on English

>I’m trying find out what precisely try told you in Sumerian toward >Voyager-1 place probe’s “golden listing” for a narrative I am writing. You could listen to they in the > > > >However the composed type I can not appear to find. > >Wanting to know for many who could help.

to get match, over, perfect; getting/ build in good shape; to replace (always sensed Akk. loanword, resources setting ‘peace’ for the 18 from 21 Semitic dialects, but Sumerians put word into the enjoy and you can means maybe not from inside the Orel Stolbova’s Hamito-Semitic Etymological Dictionary ; cf., sil 5 , ‘pleasure, joy’, + lum , ‘to develop luxuriantly’) .

And so the Sumerian phrase silim is comparable to Hebrew shalom and you may Arabic salaam, and may function as origin of them. The fresh new Sumerian dealers who spread the fresh Ubaid people regarding Near Eastern doing to six,100000 BC (calibrated) could have utilized it greet phrase.

>You will find, towards the of a lot occult other sites, see the claim that this new pentagram >was applied for the ancient Sumer due to the fact a great hieroglyph towards the keyword UB, as well as for AR. >How legit so is this allege?

> > >This information states a great proverb who would approximately convert to “travel try >tough, although alcohol is really worth they.” Might you show me exactly what who would appear to be?

That’s proverb 2.123 throughout the dos-volume range because of the Bendt Alster, referenced about bibliography to my toward-range Sumerian lexicon.

You think I want they?

>John: I am aware your primary current email address. Thus you think it might be an effective >good notion to analyze Sumerian? To what We comprehend >in your email you’re stating that I ought to do so as the your own desire and you will >it is unrealistic I will generate a career regarding they correct? Exactly why do you like >they? What do you have made from it? Derek

Everyone loves to be able to look at the modern messages. We have corresponded that have students of Sumerian religion who do perhaps not understand language, just who must have confidence in secondary source, and although they are intelligent anybody he has and are generally not able to improve misunderstandings due to not understanding the multiple significance off Sumerian terminology. Understand the brand new Sumerian religion and you will community it will help becoming always the vocabulary. The things i like the really was to make a contact with some one exactly who lived a long time ago as a result of the vocabulary. As you will find eg a large corpus from messages, we will in the course of time comprehend the Sumerians much better than we could the fresh new Egyptians or other old individuals. Including, in lieu of brand new Atlanteans or any other Modern age says, this new Sumerians was real. We know about brand new authoritative job and you may lifetime of the fresh new Sumerians because of the words. I recently additional the second usage of the fresh new lexicon:

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